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Bulk Injection Molding

Benefits of Custom Bulk Molding-A Unique Approach

Injection molded components have normally been limited to relatively small parts or thin cross sections. EnviroTech Molded Products' development in molding technology provides unique capabilities: Large parts, heavy wall sections, complex configurations, low-cost tooling, economical production runs, lightweight parts, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, materials expertise and single-source responsibility.

  • Large parts: from 2 oz. to 530 lb.
  • Heavy wall sections: up to 5" thick
  • Complex configurations: Varying cross sections, openings, and internal ribs
  • Low cost tooling: Design, material and manufacture
  • Economical production runs: 50 to 50,000 pieces per year
  • Lightweight parts: 80% lighter than most metals
  • Corrosion resistance: Plastics can operate in severe chemical environments
  • Abrasion resistance: Plastics offer superior abrasion resistance
  • Materials expertise: Over 46 years of molding experience
  • Single-source responsibility: From part design through finished product

We’re not just another injection molder. We have the technology, experience, and resources to create your custom parts and filter plates, whether large or small, thick or thin.

We do this while not sacrificing cost or, more importantly, quality.



Bulk Injection Molding Product Example
Bulk injection molding Large parts to 530 lb (204 kg) Thicknesses to 5" Structural metal to plastic conversion Thermoplastic and engineering grade resins