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Bulk Injection Molding-Just How is it Done, and What are the Capabilities?
Limitations?  Not many…

  • Large parts: from 2 oz. to 530 lb.
  • Heavy wall sections: up to 5" thick
  • ...
Big plastic part trays

Looking for That Source for Big Plastic Parts?  Multiple Options Exist!



Whether your assemblies require injection mold, rotationally molded, thermoformed, pressure formed, blow molded or structural foam molded, we...

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Prototyping in Your Production Design Process

Midwest Prototyping, LLC is a supplier ready to service your prototyping needs, Midwest Prototyping, LLC...

Myths about manufacturing

Why  End the Perturbing Myths About Manufacturing


What is the Flavor of the Day?

In the 1980’s and ‘90’s, the management theory du jour was clearly to reduce one’s out of pocket...