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Todd & Associates, Inc Enters Year 21 of MANA Membership

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Todd & Associates, Inc Reaches a Real Landmark


The year 2017 marks the 21st year that Todd & Associates, Inc has been a member of the Manufacturers’ Agent National Association (MANA)


The significance of attaining this status means different things to different segments:


  • For the manufacturer:  By avoiding the fixed overhead costs, you can deliver more value to the client.  Your sales force is actively engaged in a specific territory like few company employees can be.


  • For the representative:  You are engaging with a manufacturer who understands the value of responsible, professional representation, with whom you have a contractual relationship-both directions.


  • For the client:  Last, but certainly not least, working with a manufacturers’ representative assures you a relationship with a consultative sales professional, with a far greater breadth of processes and applications than a ‘company person’ is likely to possess.  With that, comes a certain level of project management you have offloaded.  You have a salesperson and a manufacturer who obviously take their relationship with you very seriously.


According to Charles M. Cohon, President and CEO of MANA,


“MANA representative members tell me that prospective principals look at representatives' years as a MANA member as one way to quickly rank lists of representative firms they'll interview to represent their companies. Manufacturers know that the best representatives make a commitment to continuous improvement and use MANA's member-only educational resources and Agency Sales magazine to make their agencies better every year.  And the longer an agency has been a MANA member, the more time they've had to capitalize on those resources.


But MANA representative members often tell me that getting new lines is not the most important reason they belong to MANA. Our representative members are proud of what they've accomplished, and they express their pride in their agency through membership in the world's most prestigious representative association.  MANA representative members are an elite, highly professional group that gives back to the representative profession through membership in the association that is dedicated to advancing the professionalism and utilization of independent manufacturers' representatives.”


The result is a Win/Win/Win situation for all of the stakeholders involved-in effect an additional level of prequalification for all!