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Business: The time to take action is now!

Manufacturing Plastic


The roller coaster ride that business owners experience is something that will never go away.  However, since about 2008 the recession America experienced has seemingly made business sit at a stand-still.  What makes us think that another recession doesn’t loom in the future?  We think it’s time to move on, and take back to business as usual.

We would like to specifically point out one of our sales partners, General Plastics, who is expanding their plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Raising overhead costs in these times is a decision that cannot be taken lightly, but when the demand is great enough, it’s something that has to be done.

The following was featured in a Plastic News article – “General Plastics is investing more than $1 million to add two thermoforming machines. One is a 6-foot by 10-foot three station vacuum former from Maac Machinery Corp. of Carol Stream, Ill. The other is a similar-sized Maac three-station pressure former for heavier-duty jobs.”

General Plastics is one of the few companies being an active participant in taking action and moving forward.  We hope that this can help lay the groundwork for other companies, in manufacturing or a different industry, to take that next step in this post-recession hangover.

The old adage “you can’t make money if you don’t spend it” is true.  You CANNOT expect to grow while maintaining normal business practices.  Sometimes chaos is the right ingredient to help your business grow.

We pose the question: what are you doing to move your business to the next level?  The time to be a bystander is over, now is the time to act.  Together, let's take business back!