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Big Plastic Parts-Part 1: Molded Parts are All Miniature, Right?

Molded Plastic Pallets

Big Plastic Parts-Part 1: Molded Parts are All Miniature, Right?


As a former buyer of subminiature parts-Acetal gears, levers and sprockets for water-softener actuators, made in eight to sixteen cavity Master Unit Dies (MUD), little things were big business for me.  Part weights averaged in grams, not ounces or pounds, and piece counts were in the 100’s of thousands per year.


Micro molding is also a huge portion of the industry in the world of medical parts, with bench-top presses making hot-runner, overmolded and insert-molded parts.


The Other End of the Spectrum

A quick check of the web shows rotationally molded parts weighing in at 267 lb.+.  As a point of reference, that is over 121,109 times the mass of some of the Acetal gears from the MUD tooling! 


A few examples of shops capable of creating great big parts:


DeKalb Plastics-A Butler, Indiana producer of low pressure foam molded products, DeKalb stresses:



  • Low mold cavity pressure
  • Reduced part weight
  • High stiffness to weight ratio
  • Capable of molding large, complex parts
  • Low cavity pressure allows lower cost tooling
  • Low part stress and warp age
  • Multiple molds can be run at the same time
  • Capable of molding parts .500 inches thick or greater
  • Functions as excellent substrate for high quality painted finish applications
  • High dimensional stability
  • Virtually any thermoplastic can be foamed


Included in their offerings are:

  • Plastic Pallets
  • Dialysis Plastic Enclosure Cabinet
  • Bone Densitometer Plastic Enclosure Cabinet
  • Electric Med Bed Housing
  • Plastic Traffic Barrels
  • Plastic Guardrail Blocks

All far from the realm of micro molding, but include a vast array of value-added services, like R.F. Shielding, Hot Stamping, Heat Transfer, Silk Screening, Supply Chain Management, JIT, Custom Bar Coding, Lot Traceability and more!

Contact the staff at Todd & Associates, Inc to explore the capabilities of these companies in your process.  And remember-molded parts aren’t always tiny!