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Todd-Gustafson & Associates Reaches a Real Landmark


The year 2015 marks the 18th year that Todd-Gustafson and Associates, LLC have been members of the Manufacturers’ Agent...

Overseas shipping accident

For a number of decades, the political and moral game of ‘ping pong’ has been waged as to whether or not a U.S.-based manufacturer should move production offshore to take advantage of low cost economies (either real or perceived).


Looking at Converting Metal Parts to Plastics?

Converting metal parts to plastic?

Certainly, not a new concept (conversions have been documented back to the 1950’s!), now may be the time to revisit the process. 


The Upside

The excellent article...

Molding machine

How Do You Choose a Molding Method for Your Production?  A Primer


Congratulations!  You have a new product design blessed by engineering, marketing and all other stakeholders in your group to commission a new...